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Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings

Makers of custom Indoor & outdoor reclaimed wood furniture, flooring, beams, tables, chairs, accessories & more!

For over 20 years Hearthwoods has been creating extraordinary urban primitive and rustic furniture, architectural accents and outdoor structures. Since our beginning we have focused on using reclaimed wood, revealing its natural beauty while adding design and purpose. Each piece is made by skilled craftsman in our Michigan workshop, with quality always in the forefront. Our furniture is built to last from one generation to the next. Our command of different styles allows us to build for the cabin, the cottage, the contemporary house and the elegant home.

"GREEN" Materials
We have always used reclaimed wood from barns, old buildings and discarded trees. We use a variety of hard woods, including hickory, maple, walnut, oak, birch and ironwood. All of our wood is kiln dried. Our finishes are all water-based.

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Call: 269-469-5551